Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update Aborted

So I have been putting off updating for so long because I have so much to update, but I am just going to do a short recap of where we are now and move forward from here. This summer has been full of fun things:

June - Loni and I both took a week off during the first week of June and had a blast! We went up to Birch Bay for a night, went to Seattle for the Pike Place Festival and University Street Fair and then Dan and Kyla came into town with their two little girls! We had a ton of fun with them going to the zoo, hanging out, eating out and just enjoying thier company.

July - for the 4th this year, we went to Seaside Oregon and it was a blast. We were able to get a hotel room and walked around, ate out, played on the beach and watched an awesome fireworks show put on by the city and by all of the campers on the beach. We will probably go here every year for the 4th, so whoever wants to plan a trip with us, let us know!

We have been busy with lots of other little stuff and trying to stay cool amid this HEAT WAVE we are having, but that is a good enough recap for me, so maybe I can start blogging on the regular again. :)

Here are a couple pics from Ellis at Seaside:

she LOVED this horse on the carousel: it was a horse with fins- anytime we wanted to reward her, all we had to do was say we were going to ride the mermaid horse!

She loved the beach, though she wouldn't go near the water. She is a doll!