Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Uwajimaya and Sunny Days

We lucked out last Saturday with another beautiful, sunny day in the PNW, so we decided to go downtown. Amber and her daughter were visiting so we picked them up and headed to the city. We really didn't want to go to Pike Place and try to find parking, so we ended up going to Uwajimaya and walking around that store. Uwajimaya is located in China Town and they have some of the funnest (?) candy to get - which I have been wanting to get for a while now (sometimes that American stuff just doesn't cut it - haha). Plus there is gauranteed parking there - so it was a win win. Anyway, when we got there we were all hungry so we went to the little food court they have and ate. Amber suggested trying this mango pudding that one of the stalls sells - she said that Jaida loved it - so we got one and both of the girls DUG into it. I couldn't keep it coming fast enough for them and we even ended up getting another one for them to eat! Loni had orange chicken and general tsoa's (?) with rice and Amber had red curry. I just ate off of Loni's plate. After that we went around and loaded up on the candy they have - we got everything from gummies, to chewys, to gum. I love the candy.

Anyway, after we filled up with enough candy to last us through the next month, we didn't want to go home so we decided to go to Gas Works park. That is a park located near the U-District (actually right by where I used to live and by where Loni works now). It ended up being a lot of fun. The girls loved the open space, the lake and just being with eachother. I really hope they end up being good friends - they are already like bfs. One thing we noticed is that they feed off of eachother - if one person is doing one thing, the other person has to do the same thing. Anyway, here is a slideshow of the day.

Little Joys

I was just talking to my dad today (over IM during work - I know am bad :)) and we were talking about Ellis and how bright and curious she is and I was just overwhelmed with the love I have for her. Last night she saw a picture of a baby and she walked over to it, pointed with her little tiny finger and said "Ba-by" in her little tiny voice. I was so proud of her at that moment because that has been the first correlation of object and word - not just mindless babble that she has been doing. She turned to me with her beautiful blue eyes and was so happy with herself too - she just kept saying it over and over again. And I have to tell you that she has begun saying mommy and mama now - I can't describe the happiness I feel when she says that to me. I have waited so long for her to get tired of "dada" and start saying "mama". I am just so grateful that I have been blessed with such a great family. Loni is an incredible father and husband - he makes me laugh everyday and I love him for everything he does and is for this family. Ellis is everything I could have hoped for and more in a child - she is blossoming everyday. I really don't feel that she is a baby any more - all she wants to do is get down and run everywhere. One of her favorite activities at home is just running from one room to the other. She also loves bathtime: last night after she had got done with HER bath, Loni took one and she just went and stood by the tub and kept trying to climb in. It was so funny. She also loves to go under the covers when we have her in bed with us. She will try to put the covers on her head by herself. It is one of the funniest things to watch. Anyway, I just wanted to blog about my love for my family and how I couldn't imagine my life without either of them in it. Here are the joys of my life:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Donnie, Staci and Alki

Friday night we had the pleasure of watching Loni's two nephews: Donnie and Staci while thier mom (Pasha) went to Cirque du Soleil. It turned out to be a very fun night. Since the night was so nice and mild, we decided to go to dinner at this Fish-n-Chips restaurant on Alki called Spuds. I have not been to Alki in forever because during the summer it is mostly high school kids creating rucus and during the winter it is too cold, so I was kind of excited to go. The only bad thing about Spuds is it is so good that everyone wants to eat there - especially on a nice Friday night. So we ended up waiting about 20 minutes after I placed our order for our food, but once we got it and ate it was delicious. I think Loni had a harder time than me: trying to entertain a 1 year old and a 2 1/2 year old in a crowded restaurant. We were all a little relieved to leave. After that we took a quick walk down by the water and took some pictures of the boys and Ellis in front of the mini Statue of Liberty. By then the sun had gone down and it was starting to get cold, so we just headed back to our apartment were Donnie and Ellis played with toys and Staci and Loni played the PS3. I ended up falling asleep before Pasha picked the kids up, but I think we all had a fun time.
Ellis watching Staci play video games
Me trying to get Ellis' attention

Cheesin' it up for the camera
Staci is at that age....
I couldn't get them all to look at the camera at the same time
I love the look on Donnie's face
Her littel chiclet teeth...

At Alki

Yes, this is how Loni wore his pants all day...he really needs some Man-pris.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Macaroni Grill & a Blizzard!

Friday night we met up with Loni's friend Aaron and his wife Val and their daughter Alexandria and went to dinner. We really wanted to go Macaroni Grill and the only place they have one (besides Northgate) is up in Lynnwood. Now from Renton to Lynnwood is a bit of a drive and so we expected it to take a while. What we weren't counting on was the HORRIBLE traffic on the way up there due to what you might ask? Well, let me tell you - it was SNOWING! And it wasn't just a little dusting of snow, it was borderline blizzard conditions. The flakes were HUGE and coming down so fast. All through dinner we were watching the flakes come down. How crazy is it that in the SPRINGTIME we are getting 1-6" of snow. We couldn't even get this during the winter months. Anyway - dinner was very nice and delicious! Not to mention very affordable. I am glad we were able to meet up with the Eastmans. Here are some pics:

Look at all the snow!

Ellis and Alexandria
Aaron and Val

Cookies are her favorite!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ellis' Birthday - 3

So here is a slide show of the party we had on Saturday. There are two things I have to say: 1) I know my prayers are answered because every day last week I had been praying for sun for Ellis' party - but every day it was cold and rainy. But the morning of Ellis' party dawned sunny and clear and ended up being 80 degrees in some places - then the next day it was back down to 55 and rainy. So i know that day was sunny specifically because I had prayed so hard for it to be. 2) I want to thank everyone who came to the party (both physically and not). It really meant a lot to us to see all of the people who support and love Ellis.

Okay, so the party was very nice - a little stressful at times, but nice. We ended up packing the Weaver's house full of people. There was food, some games, presents, more food, a pinata and finally, cake. Ellis scored big on all of her presents, especially from Grandma and Grandpa Opfar. I think all of the kids like the pinata and the little kids like the toys up stairs. I am so thankful for Loni because the entire day he was by my side asking what he could do to help. It really meant alot to have him there supporting and helping me. I really love him. Anyway, all in all it was a great day with great weather. We did the whole cake thing with Ellis - she was a little hesitant at first but once she tasted the frosting, she started digging in. After the party was over and all the guests had left we decided to go Family Fun Center with Adam and Amber and watch the two boys compete on the go carts. Loni ended up spinning Adam out once and then Adam spun out on his own a second time. It was fun to watch them together. I can't believe that Amber is pregnant again - we are very happy for them. After A&A went back home to Tacoma, Marie and her family, Pasha and her family and Loni and I all went to Coulon to get dinner and walk around. On the way over Ellis finally crashed (that is the picture of her in the car seat). But when we got there again she was up and ready to walk all around. We had a beautiful day - weather we don't usually get until the end of July - so the night was perfect for going out on the town. We wished we could have had all of our friends there but we will see you all soon hopefully! Here is the slideshow from the day. Enjoy!

Ellis' Birthday - 2

So on April 11 (which was Ellis' actual birthday) it was a pretty quiet day. My mom and I had planned to take Ellis out to breakfast (it is a tradition to take whoever's birthday it is out to breakfast) but my mom was taking too long coming over and Ellis really needed to take her morning nap, so we ended up not going to breakfast. Instead my mom came over for a bit and gave Ellis a card, balloons and a gift. Ellis really liked the present (it was rings that hook together) and was a little scared of the balloons at first, but then Loni taught her how to hit the balloons and she loved that. She loves hitting and slapping. She will slap you in the face and laugh like it is the funniest thing in the world. Thanks goodness she is not strong yet. :)

After that excitement was over, Ellis went down for her nap and my mom and I went to Sams Club to shop for food for the party. That was pretty much all of the excitement for that day. Loni and I both took the day off (Loni was actually sick) so it was nice to spend it with Ellis. Everything was very low key - I think we ended up just doing last minute preparations for the party. I know she will not remember her first birthday but I think it was fun for her to just spend time with us at home. We both love her so much and love spending time with her. Here are pics of her opening presents, etc on her birthday with my mom.