Monday, September 28, 2009

Saltwater State Park & Football Games!

A couple weekends ago we decided to get out of the house and head to Saltwater State Park. It is this quaint little beach right on the Puget Sound that is fun to see and take a little walk along. Ellis loved it; but her main enjoyment was picking any and all flowers she can find. If you are around her and have a flower she will most likely find a way to finagle it into her possession.

Later that day we went to my nephew's football game (he is #75 for the Renton Rangers, hence the #75 on her cheek). Ellis loved it but she mostly loved walking along the bleachers and eating her popcorn. Good thing we only had one minor fall. She is so busy! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ellis the Ballerina

A couple of weeks ago Ellis started her first dance class. She absolutely loves it and every Friday, since the only class they had was during the day, my FIL Gary takes her to her class. She looks forward to it and it so cute doing it. She calls it her "dance class". I am very excited to see her develop and grow throughout it and she even has a performace at the end of the year (June, I believe). She is my tiny dancer. Here she is before her class:

yes the tights are too big, but finding dance clothes for a 2 1/2 year old is a little tough. Although we did get her slippers at Payless and they are adorable (not pictured because she is only allowed to wear them at dance class). I have more pictures from her first day and will post those later.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Updated Picture

I found this picture (and stole it) from my friend Kyla's blog. I liked it so I thought I would post it. We are on the pier in Des Moines enjoying a nice sunset and then all of a sudden these gale-force winds come up and we thought the peir was going to fall over! Naturally, this picture was before the wind came. Enjoy!

PS - Thanks Kyla for being such a great photographer!

Friday, September 11, 2009

In Memory

Lon Athan Weaver

September 11, 2008

Sweet dreams, little man
God Speed, little man
My love will fly to you each night on angels' wings
Can't wait to meet you some day.

Mom and Dad

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Skills to Pay the Bills!

This past Saturday we (being Loni, myself, Marcus Stevens and my dad) decided to go to the gun range and shoot some guns. I haven't been shooting in a couple years, so it was nice to go out and refresh my skills. :) Anyway, it was a lot of fun and after two hours of shooting, we were all ready to head home.

My dad was kind enough to let us use his pistols: a Glock, a .357 Revolver, and a Rueger .22. We brought our Rueger and then they rented two more guns, so needless to say we were going to run out of ammo before we were going to run out of guns to shoot! :) It was lots and lots of fun and thanks to my mom for watching Ellis for us while we shot!

that's right - don't mess with me! (shot with the .357 revolver)

not bad for a man who is blind in one eye!

Loni and Marcus

Conversations with Ellis

Last night Ellis had the hardest time going to sleep so for part of the night, I laid down with her. While I was laying with her she did the cutest things:
- Anytime I would lift my head up, she would grab my cheek and push my head back to the pillow and say "lay your head down, mommy"
- She would reach over periodically and check to see if my eyes were closed by touching my eyelashes and making sure the bottom and top lashes were touching eachother.
- Anytime you lay with Ellis, she lays right next to you, facing you. We were like this last night with my arm over her body. Any time i would move my arm, she would bring it back so I was cuddling with her.
- We had lots of mini conversations, but this was my favorite:
E: Belle likes the Beast
Me: Do you like the Beast?
E: No, he is scary.
Me: Who do you like? Eric?
E: No, I like Belle.....and Mermaid. I like Mermaid.
E (turning to face me again and grabbing my face with her hands, and looking me in the eyes): But I love you, Mommy!

Made my heart melt! She is such a doll and moments like that make the difficult two's worth it. I love her so much!