Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Countdown to March 21...

So this is what the view out of my office window is this morning:

SNOW! and it is still snowing. I know this is a piddly amount compared to other places - but this is WAY too much snow for Seattle and I am tired of it! Why won't winter just go away??????

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Many Faces of Ellis

I thought I would just share with you some funny pictures I took of Ellis the other day. She loves lolly pops and somehow we ended up with a bunch of little dum dums, so we will give one to her every once in a while if she is good. She gets SOOO happy whenever she gets one and starts to get a little crazy; the following pictures show what ususally ensues:

And yes, that is food on her face. She is so silly and fun now - I am really enjoying watching her grow up.

Great Wolf Lodge!

Last weekend we took the opportunity to go down to Grand Mound, WA and go to the Great Wolf Lodge with Maria, Sefa, Joe and Feki. All of us shared a room and it ended up being lots of fun for everyone except for me (I was sick the entire time). Ellis love the water park and would scream when we would try and take her out of the park area. Loni and Sefa were just like little kids in a candy store: they went on all of the slides they could. Loni did manage to drag me onto one slide and it was tons of fun. It was a great little get away and one we will definitely do again in the future so we can all enjoy it (ie: ME, enjoy it!). Thanks Marie and Sefa for going with us!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Princess Fairy Ballerina Ellis

For Christmas my mom gave both Loni and I each a $30 gift card to H&M. We went there the other day and didn't really find anything that we liked, but noticed they had a alot of girly accessories in the girls section, so we loaded up and this was the final outcome: