Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adam Sage Dougherty

Introducing my newest nephew, Adam Sage Dougherty. This is my SIL's third child and first boy - and she did a great job. He is so handsome and happiest when eating and with mom. I can't wait to hold him and get to know him! Congrats Adam and Amber - he is perfect!!

Stella and my new "niece"

Here are some pics of Stella and my new "niece", Olivia Gifford. We stopped by to visit the proud parents, Tim and Megan (our longtime friends) and she was PERFECT! Both girls wanted to hold her and I didn't want to put her down, so ms. Livvy Lou got plenty of attention! Congrats Tim and Megan! I can't wait to spoil her!

Check Yes or No

Ellis received her very first "love" note yesterday at school from this sweet little boy named Thien. It totally reminded me of that country soung that talks about "check yes or no". Anyways, right when she pulled it out to show me, I knew exactly who it was from. He is always by her side any time I pick her up from school and they always sit together on the rug at the end of the day. Ellis was obvious to anything and said "I didn't play with Thien today". Haha. As Gary would say : "treat 'em rough and tell 'em nothin!"

My dads comment cracked me up: "did you kick his little stalker a$$?" me: "no, I thought it was really cute" dad: "they are all little pervs". Hahhahahhahah! I feel sorry for anyone who dates Ellis!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ellis' Self Portrait

With Ellis' grandpa Gary being such an amazing artist, we had been hoping that Ellis would inherit that gene. Well, I think the self portrait below speaks for itself. At least we still have Stella to hope for. ;)

Her head to body ratio is off the hook!

A Little Bit of Stella's What You Need

This is just a little clip of a conversation I was having with Stella the other day. The original video is too long, so this is only a clip of it. She is too cute - I love her!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Design Time: Ideas for Your Living Room

Because we moved from a two-bedroom apartment into a house, we have many, many rooms to furnish and things to buy. We decided before we moved in that we are going to take our time and pick our pieces with thought and care - in an attempt to make our house, Ours. I have been browsing the web looking for creative ideas, especially for our living room (which only contains two red couches at the moment) and came across this very unique framed art wall-hang. You can personalize this to your family name (or any other word you want) and hang it in your living room (or whereever) OR give it to someone as a personalized gift. Best yet - it is on SALE right now, so another reason to get it. I believe I will be ordering one of these for me for Christmas! I really like the framing they use on this - the matte around the pictures and the frame itself. It is a great, personal, unique, classic piece to add to your home.

PLUS - if you order one of these, you will get a $75 gift certificate to use on your next order. So you could order one for yourself and then order one as a Christmas gift!

Here is the link for it: http://www.broadcastbloggers.com/deal.php?i=96&a=1069897

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seven Years and Counting

Loni and I celebrated our 7-year anniversary this past weekend. I can't believe it has been 7 years but I also can't believe it has ONLY been 7-years. It feels like we have been married for longer than that (in a good way). I am so grateful for him and our relationship - we are very lucky to have eachother. As a fun thing, I thought I would share some pics of us over the last 7 years.
Beware - years 3-6 are very plump! Ha-ha.  

Such a happy, wonderful day. Look how YOUNG we look. (October 2004) 

Fourth of July 2005 - I went DARK with my hair. But blondes have more fun.

I think he is so handsome. (October 2005)

No - I am not high. (October 2005)

On a cruise (January 2006)

With nephew Donni (Summer 2006)

With Donni (Summer 2006)

At the Opfar Family pumpkin patch 2006

With our little addition (August 2007). No Loni is not high.

Family picture by A Fresh Take Photography (click for more info) (October 2008)

Family pic (including Stella in the oven) (October 2009)

Hahahhahahha! (October 2010)

And here we are - September 2011!
Photo taken by ZombieCrush Photography (click for info)


The Perfect Pumpkin Patch Day!

Last Saturday was the annual Opfar-family mecca to Maris Farm's pumpkin patch. We go every year and my entire family makes it a priority to attend. I really look forward to it as it kicks off the start of all the holidays! Thanks to my mom's prayers, we were able to have a beautiful, sunny, warm-ish fall day for the patch. No mud for me! The girls had a blast and the adults had fun just making conversation and visiting with each other (well, I did at least). I actually feel bad for all of the rest of my family bc it is mainly the Ellis/Stella show and they all just stand around waiting for the girls to finish this and then finish that and then walk to this thing and watch some more. Sorry guys - give them some cousins and it will be more enjoyable for you too! ;) haha.

My parents with the girls

My older brother, James

The girls getting their height measured. They are not very good at it yet. haha.

Stella geting her face painted - she actually did quite well.

The results - a SPIDER! (which ended up being wiped off after 1/2 hour because she kept smearing it all over herself and my clothes)

Standing in front of the slides which they had in the playground area.

Ellis' turn!

What is that you ask? Why, a candy corn. (Yes - they were amateur face painters)

She loved t his slide

The Fam-Damily. (L-R) Mom, Whitney, Tyler, James, Karleene, Reggie, Dad

Super cute pic of them playing on the spider web

Riding the cow train. Stella was a little nervous, but since Ellis was there she made it through just fine.

My bro, James and his wife, Karleene

My bro, Tyler and his wife, Whitney. Along with some creepy guy who shaves his hairline.

All of the original Opfar kids - (L-R) Tyler, James, Reggie, Moi!

Yes - there was even pony rides! Ellis rode all by herself and Stella did fantastic as well. She kept petting the pony and saying, 'Pony, Pony'

The jump pillow. Ellis almost didn't get to go on this and you would have thought the world ended. But Grandma Opfar came to the rescue and Ellis fake tears soon dried up.  

A carnivore at his finest. Yes my friends - that is an actual fried turkey leg. (it was actually pretty tasty).

Getting their grub on. Combination of funnel cakes, corn dogs and fries. Can't you just feel your arteries clogging?

It wouldn't be complete with out a hay ride.

Hay ride - Ellis loved it.

Typical pumpkin patch picture.

The entire family.

A great end to a great day!

Thanks Mom and Dad for making this an annual thing for us all!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye

Ellis loves to play I Spy in the car and Stella has started playing it as well. Her and Loni were playing it on the couch tonight and it was just too cute not to share.

The way Stella plays it involves saying "I spy with my little eye something...." followed by the object you are supposed to be guessing. For example, "I spy with my little eye...mommy's shirt". It is SO cute when she does this. Enjoy!

Monday, October 03, 2011

I <3 Vampires

Ellis is showing me her vampire face while wearing a shirt that my good friend Veronica bought for her. Yes, the shirt says I <3 Vampires. I am starting her young, haha.

The other day I asked Ellis what she did at school and she said, "oh, we played vampire family out on the playground".... Looks like I am not the only one. Haha.

Happy Monday!