Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Little Einstein!

I took this picture last night on my Iphone (yes, i jumped on the bandwagon) and thought it was hilarious! This was right after her bath (which she LOVES). Her hair is getting long enough to really make some funny pictures. The crazy thing is, she will go to bed with her hair like that and wake up with perfect swoopy bangs and curls. I don't understand it....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Visit to the ER

Last Thursday I was getting Ellis ready to leave in the morning and as part of that she always has a cup of milk on my lap before we leave. Almost immediately after I gave her the cup she kind of cried a little and then started acting really wierd. Her body was really rigid and stiff and she was acting like she couldn't get comfortable. I moved her off my lap and onto the couch and she still was really rigid, moving very weirdly and kind of grunting a little. I was really confused by what was going on so I moved her to the floor, thinking she was uncomfortable. On the floor she would not stand up, but slid to the ground, was still rigid and the top of her was going one way, the bottom of her was going another way and her legs kept coming up by her head. She was not looking at me and she wouldn't answer me or anything. I kept calling her name and trying to get her to react to me but she wouldn't. Anyway, so this went on for about 30 seconds, then i just picked her up and she went limp in my arms. It took her about 2 more minutes to snap out of it and start interacting with me. She was very clingy and didn't want to be put down, but at least she was reacting to me. Since the "episode" was over and she seemed to be better, I just chalked it up to bad stomach pains and headed out the door. By the time we got to the car, she was talking with me and giggling, so I figured I would call her pediatrition when they opened. But as I was driving, I kept thinking about what happened and I was terrified that it might have been a seizure. I kept thinking about it, so when the pediatrition opened, I called them and explained what happened. The nurse was pretty confident that it was a seizure so she said to take her to the ER and get a seizure work-up done. That put me over the edge - I was terrified that something was wrong with my precious little girl. Anyway, so Loni and I took her to the ER. Thank goodness, it was Thursday morning at like 9:00 am, so we got right in. The dr took some X-rays and urine samples and came back with a Febrile Seizure as the explanation. A febril seizure happens at the onset of a fever that is rising too quickly for the body to adjust. It is very common and though it was still a type of seizure, I was glad to hear it was not life threatening. He sent us away to watch her carefully over the next couple days and to come back if things change. She had a fever during the remainder of Thursday, but Friday she was all better. She is the love of my life and I don't know how I could go on if something happened to her. Thanks to all of our family and friends for their support. Here are some pics of her at the ER - she was still beautiful even during all the tests they were doing on her at the ER.

Loni's New Toy

So Loni and I sat down one day to do our budget (actually he did it and I pretended to listen) and we [he] realized that we were spending almost $600 on gas each month. That caught my attention so we tried to figure out how we could save money and Loni came up with the brilliant idea of getting a motorcycle. I was a little hesitant about it at first (hello - we are asking for disaster: a man plus a motorcycle) but the more I thought about it and the more convincing Loni did to me, the more I came around to the idea. So we went out and got a motorcycle for him to ride. He really likes it and the best part is it gets 60 miles to the gallon. He keeps saying it is just for commuting, but he is starting to ride it more and more for pleasure. Anyway, here are the pics of it:

Viva La Mexico!

So I know it has been a while since I have posted, but I am going to redeem myself. The last week of June we were lucky enough to go to Mexico with Loni's family. His mom belongs to a timeshare organization and this year she chose to go to Mazatlan as a graduation present to herself (after 6 years of school, Lanae graduated!). So anyway, we headed off on June 21 - our plane left at 5:18 am and we almost missed it because Loni had to pay multiple visits to the bathroom. Anyway, the flight was nice - Ellis was pretty good considering the conditions (coach with three people plus a baby packed in the row). Once we got there we noticed how HOT it was - stifling, muggy, hotness. If you were outside, it was likely you would start sweating, even in the shade. Anyway, the week went by pretty quick. We went to open air markets, swam in the pool, laid out in the sun (my favorite part), rented scooters and basically just made the most of the vacation. The pool was incredible and a lot of fun - in the middle of it there was this island where iguanas lived and they would get in the pool and swim to land and back. They would also let you feed them flowers there. It was crazy to see that in a pool.

Ellis loved the pool and by the end of the week we had her in water wings floating/swimming around the pool by herself. She was so cute and I do have to say, she was the Belle of Mexico. Everywhere we went men, women and children would stop and adore her - touch her face, pat her head, pinch her cheeks anything. One of the most heard phrases of the week was "Muy Bonita". It was really crazy to see I guess since we see towheaded children like her all the time at home. All in all, I think she had a lot of fun.

I would say this was one of the most stressful vacations I have had mainly due to Ellis. We were constantly wondering what she was going to put in her mouth (and she loved to put EVERYTHING in there). She was always scooting on the floor and picking things up off the floor (it didn't matter where we were, she would pick it up and into her mouth it went). Oh yeah, we asked the resort if we could drink the tap water and they advised us not to, so we lived off of bottled water. During the week, I really just wanted to be back home were I could go to the store and get food for Ellis, drink the water out of the tap and just know that my food had passed certain standards. But at the end of the week, I was sad to see it come to an end. It was nice to get back home, but I do feel lucky that we were able to go on vacation. Mazatlan is beautiful, but too warm to live there. Ellis is becoming quite the world traveler - Hawaii and now Mexico. This new child is going to have a lot of catching up to do. :)