Thursday, February 24, 2011


We we first moved here when I was 4, we moved to a little town called Poulsbo on the Kitsap Peninsula. After we moved from there and throughout my childhood we would return there at least once a year just for a little trip to get away. Well this last Saturday, Loni and I wanted to get away for the day so we decided to go to Poulsbo. I really didn't remember what a cute little town it was. Although it was COLD, it was still fun to get away and go visit another beautiful area of our lovely state.

Ellis and Stella on the way home - all tuckered out!

Playing in the FRIGID wind and still loving it!

Eating at a restaurant

Time Outs and Tantrums

We moved to a new daycare recently up in the Renton Highlands and it is a SAHM who watches both Ellis and Stella. Well Stella has recently been into throwing tantrums and full-on fits when she doesn't get her way. Me, being the softy mom that I am, won't do anything about it but ignore it, but one day I got to daycare and Laura told me she had to put Stella in a time out for pushing (yes I am raising a bully). Well, to keep it consistent I decided to try time-outs at home and see what would happen. And I just have to say it has been SO funny to see Stella in a time out mainly because she STAYS in time out until we let her out. I never would have thought that timeouts would have worked so well on a 15-month old. But they do. And to prove it is this picture we took - I had to take Stella out of the bath bc she was throwing a FIT in the tub bc Ellis wouldn't give her the toy she was playing with. So funny. She just sat there and put her face in the towel - but didn't get up. Haha.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Over the course of the last four years I have gained more weight than I have ever gained in my life. I used to use the excuse that kids were what made me gain the weight and I never was able to lose it but what it really came down to was laziness, lack of discipline on my part and no real desire to change. With working full time and with the girls being so young still, I have also been unable to commit to a time to attend the gym. So it created a recipe for gaining weight - and while I didn't have a desire to change, I can't say that I was happy with myself.

Then around Christmas-time we ran into my sister-in-law who has been doing the HCG diet for about a year now and has lost close to 100 pounds. I don't know if it was seeing the success she had on the diet, or if I was just ready to start changing, but both Loni and I decided that starting on Dec. 30, we would change our lives. We started the HCG diet on December 30 and ended it on Feb 7 - and the transformation has been amazing. I dropped 22lbs and Loni dropped 35lbs - all by watching what we ate, eliminating sugars and startches and by following the HCG protocol. I know there are a lot of skeptics who are critical of the diet, but both Loni and I are proof that this does work - it's actually quiet incredible. We are currently on the maintenance phase of the diet and plan on doing another round of the diet to help us reach our goal weight. This is the part that scares me the most because this is when your body is supposed to stabilize at this new weight - I am excited to see it work.

I know that this is not for everyone because it is a HARDCORE diet, but it really does work and has inspired both Loni and I to change our lives. We now eat at home every meal, cook with very little added oils and butter, eat fresh vegetables and fruits (and this is an amazing feat for Loni, hahah) - it has given us the boost we need to change our lives for the better. I have always wanted my girls to see me as a healthy role-model for them and I am re-inspired for them. I want them to make healthy choices, grow up active and use Loni and I as examples of how healthy they want to be when they get older.

I just wanted to share with everyone for nothing else than to maybe inspire someone else out there. You can DO - you can change your life; whether it is by dieting or exercising, the time will pass anyways and it is better to start today then keep putting it off. :)

Here are some before and middle pics of us (I still need to get the actual after pictures - these were taken about 3 weeks into the diet). I can't wait to start the other round before summer!

Before (Christmas Eve and New Years Eve - our heaviest weights ever):

January 15, 2010

Loni looks even better now - I tell him he looks like the little boy I married 7 years ago!

If anyone wants any information on the HCG diet, email me at

xoxo - me