Friday, November 13, 2009

Conversations with Ellis

Yesterday we were sitting in the car waiting for my mom and dad to show up for dinner and Ellis kept turning the back seat lights on and off. Growing tired of this I asked her to stop and here is how the conversation went:

Me: "Ellis, please stop turning the light on and off"
Ellis: "Why mommy?"
Me: "Because I said so - why do you want to keep doing it?"
Ellis: "Because it will make me happy"

What?! She is so funny - she will say the most random things and picks up on little details and words that I don't think she understands yet. During the holidays she is especially funny with her words: for Halloween, she called it Halloweens. Each time we go to Target she gets excited and wants to look at "More Christmas". I really think she thinks the holiday is called "more Christmas" and not just Christmas. She loves going to Costco to look at all the decorations and see all the toys she wants. We can't walk down any aisle without hearing her say "I want that......I want that...." over and over again. We tell her that if she is good Santa will bring her presents on Christmas.

Its fun to have a toddler at Christmas time because we have actually been able to call "Santa" and have Ellis talk to him (my dad). A couple times it has been when she was bad but most of the time it is when she is good and she is just updating Santa on her status. All we have to do now when she acts up is say we are going to call Santa and she freaks out. It is so cute!

She is so funny and I am very grateful she is my daughter.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


For Halloween this year Ellis wanted to be a princess so I started looking online for cute princess costumes. I really wanted to stay away from the generic store-bought costumes, plus I didn't want to pay a lot of money for them, so I hit up Craig's List. On it, I found a lady who actually makes princess costumes custom fit for your child for only $25. They turned out absolutely adorable and were a huge hit at the Ward Halloween Party, the mall and out trick or treating.

I tried foam rollers on her hair for the first time and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Here she is in all her "Cinderwella" glory:

Ellis (Cinderwella) and Jaida (Aurora) *note the princess dolls they are both holding*
Ellis and Jaida again (I don't know why Ellis is posing this way - she just does it for every picture she takes now)

At the Ward halloween party - all they wanted to do was run around the stage.

Loni and Amber's daughter Loralei (she was Ariel)

Getting ready to go to the mall
At the mall (side note - they absolutely SCORED on candy at the mall)

Out trick or treating that night. For those who can't tell, that is Loni in the pumpkin mask. They had a TON of fun scaring everyone with it this year.

She was ready for the night to end by the time we left (if you can't tell)...

Hope everyone had a great day!