Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend

This past weekend was SO much fun. We started the weekend by getting off early on Friday and were busy the entire weekend. Friday we went up to Monroe to visit Jesse & Kandy. We had some delicious food (chinese chicken salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert) and ended up walking around Fred Meyer just passing time. The night ended with a visit to Baskin Robbins . It is always nice to visit with them - I really enjoy thier company, especially since Kandy will be giving birth any day now to Evan. We are very excited for them and what the future will bring.

Saturday was spent at Coulon for the majority of the morning/afternoon. It was a GORGEOUS day and it was a lot of fun hanging out at the beach. My parents even came out to Coulon and Ellis had a blast running up and down the hill with them. Saturday night Gary & Lanae were kind enough to watch Ellis for us so we could hang out with Marie & Sefa. We ended up at Cheesecake Factory for dinner and dessert (thier cheesecakes are amazing!). We got back to pick Ellis up around midnight and guess who was still going strong? Ellis! She was bright eyed and ready to play up until we started driving home and then she was OUT.

We moved our mattress out into the living room (for a change of scenery), so Sunday was spent watching TV and relaxing until Church. After church we headed to Marie's for a BBQ - it was alot of fun. After dinner the boys brought out a slip-n-slide and had fun. Loni even took Ellis for a spin on it. Here is the video - please note that this was not what I meant when I told Loni to let Ellis go down it....

The last two seconds of the video are the best. The look on her face is priceless.

Monday was just spent going to the graves and going to Folklife Festival in Seattle. The fountain you see is at the Seattle Center.

All in all it was a great weekend - it is too bad all great weekends have to end.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Since it has been FOREVER since all of us friends have been together, I thought I would post some pictures from about 2 1/2 years ago. I stumbled upon these when I was looking through all of my old pictures. Hope you all enjoy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ellis at the Mall

I found this OLD post which never quite made it to published status. Thought I would finally post it. Haha - my how time has flown. Post created in May 2008!

Anytime we take Ellis out of her stroller, this is what she wants to do. It doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing, all she wants to do it this:

It is so funny because she just loves to do this and it doesn't matter what is going on around her, she just wants to push the stroller.

Monday, May 19, 2008


This weekend here in the PNW was INCREDIBLE! It was at least 85 degrees each day and we made the most of it. We spent every day doing something outside and in the sun. My weekend started on Friday at 12:00 when I took the afternoon off work. It was very nice because Ellis was still at her grandpa's so I was able to go do some things that I wanted to do without having to worry about Ellis. I went tanning, washed my car, went shopping - you know those things you used to do without kids. Anyway, after Loni got off work, we decided to go to the Kirkland Waterfront. Kirkland is my old "stomping" ground from college and I really haven't been back there since so it was nice to be back. Kirkland is a gorgeous area - the city really takes pride in it location and it is always clean and fun. We went to a playground right on the shores of Lake Washington and then met Aaron and Val Eastman at the playground. After the kids (mainly Donnie) were through with the playground we took a LONG walk into downtown Kirkland for dinner. After dinner, we decided to head home and after we dropped off Lanae and Donnie, we decided to drive around as it was just starting to hit dusk and it was so mild and nice. It was a nice night.
The video is of some tricks Ellis has learned how to do. One is Superman and the other is "knock knock". Please don't mind the garbage bag in the background - we were getting ready to leave and that is where we put it when we are ready to take it out. We don't always have garbage bags in the living room. :).

Friday, May 16, 2008

Summers Here!

Today the weather here in Seattle is supposed to get up to 90 degrees and in preparation for that, we painted Ellis' toes. Loni doesn't really like the color, but I think it looks adorable with her sandals! Happy Summer!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Ellis Year Pictures

I have a VERY talented sister in law who was kind enough to take pictures of Ellis for me for her one year birthday. Actually we took them early this week, so she is really 13 months in them, but I count it as a year. I am very grateful to Kandy for being kind enough to take them - if any of you want to use her just let me know! We took the pictures on a beautiful, sunny day last week in Lanae's beautiful yard!
Trying to get kisses

Love this one - playing in the dandelions (?)

Some of her best shots were her profile pics.

She is so beautiful...
Yes, I know I need to get my hair done...

Kandy did a great job of capturing all of the vibrant colors.

Kandy's kids: Avery and Preston

Black and White versions

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ellis and Donnie

On Sundays we almost always go to the Weaver's for dinner. This last Sunday it ended up being just Pasha and her family, Loni and I and our family and Gary & Lanae. Pasha has a son (Donnie) who is 2 1/2 and who adores Ellis. Every time he sees her he yells: Llis (he is still working on his pronunciation)! He is so cute - he will give her kisses, share things with her and show her around. On Sunday they were the biggest hams: everything Donnie would do, Ellis would copy. Donnie would fling himself on the couch - and Ellis would run over and fling herself on the couch. Donnie would climb up the stairs, Ellis would climb up the stairs. Donnie would stomp on the front porch, Ellis would stomp on the front porch, and so on. The cutest thing was I walked in and Donnie was leading Ellis by the hand into the kitchen. It really melted my heart to see them act so nice to eachother. He is so sweet to her and I am very excited to see them grow up together. He is such an energetic little boy who is curious about everything. They are destined to be great friends because, as Pasha put it, "they won't have a choice!". So I had to get some pics of them holding hands.

Oh, yeah: doesn't Ellis look ADORABLE in those shorts? Her little chubby legs are so cute and she LOVED wearing them. She would touch her legs and then run back and forth with her little butt shaking.

Loni's Love (His Car)

So Loni has been wanting me to post pictures of his "new" car for people that don't live here to see (mainly just Dan Stevens). I say "new" because we have had the car for over 6 months but he just put new rims on it - so to him it is like a whole new car. Anyway, I am sure he will be over this car in another six months and on to something different so enjoy this one while it is here. :) Just kidding - love you Loni!