Wednesday, June 02, 2010

We are still alive

So I have been HORRIBLE about blogging lately, but just wanted to post some things to keep everyone up to date:

- We are all alive and doing well. Miss Stella had her 6 mo appt today and she is healthy as can be. She is 97% for height (27.25") and average for weight (17.15#). She is not rolling over or doing tummy time that often because she HATES it, instead she is sitting unsupported all by herself (which i am very proud of). She is one opinionated little girl - if she wants her bottle or to eat, she lets you know. But overall she is so adorable and cute and has the biggest smile on her face for me anytime she sees me. At first she was a daddy's girl, but now I have coerced her back over to my side (much to loni's dismay) and she is slowly becoming a momma's girl. :)
Ellis is doing well also - the terrible threes are continuing to dominate our household. She is a spitfire little girl - everything now-a-days is a huge debate and argument. She has quite the imagination and could play by herself all day long if we let her. Despite the Loni in her coming out (aka her stubborness), she really is a sweet little girl. She is my best little friend and I am enjoying watching her grow up. Here are some updated pics of the girlies: